Toledo’s Blooming Art During First Weekend – June 3rd & 4th

‘VIEW OF YAQUINA BRIDGE’ 28X32 oil Doug Haga

As the warm weather days become more frequent, and the skies more blue, it’s hard to walk through the streets of Toledo and not notice the picturesque landscapes of the Yaquina river and iconic lines of the town’s industrial structures. It’s a place of visual inspiration and rich color, making Toledo a town that many artists call home. The town of Toledo celebrates its art community during the first weekend of every month. First Weekend is an opportunity for the local art galleries to open their doors and connect local artisans to the public. Toledo will be celebrating First Weekend on June 3rd & 4th at all participating locations. Stop by and see what’s new by the town’s local artisans.

The Yaquina River Museum of Art continues its exhibit “The Majors,” and exclusive selection of the largest paintings in the Museum’s Permanent Collection. This month the Museum is pleased to have long time local artist Doug Haga give an art talk to the public on Saturday, June 3rd at 1:30PM with a complimentary wine reception to follow. Haga will be discussing “View of Yaquina Bridge” a piece currently on display in the Schoolhouse showing the artist’s signature patterned brushstroke style that gives way to a completed landscape of the iconic bridge leading into the coastal forest with a dusky Newport in the background. Hear him talk about this original, as well as his past and present works with a special viewing of a new piece. Join us for his art talk and to see the exclusive selection of works from the Permanent Collection at the Yaquina River Museum of Art’s School House Exhibit Space located at 151 NE Alder Street, open from Saturday through Sunday, Noon-4PM during First Weekend. For more information, please visit

Graces Garden – Michael Gibbons

Across the street at Michael Gibbons’ Signature Gallery, the space is currently featuring “Grace’s Garden,” an original oil that captures the beauty of the summer gardens in our region with full bloom rhododendrons and a curious pathway leading the view up an into the pacific wildflower forest. Gibbons found beauty in every nook and cranny of Toledo. The late regional artist liked to work near his home on NE Alder Street and he found an exquisite garden created by Grace Ross of pioneer family stock descending from John Graham, founder of Toledo. Grace owned the land she left for the Lincoln County PUD on Business Highway 20 and Alder Street. During her time she could be found planting and growing 50 azaleas and as many rhododendrons as she could find from scratch simply because she loved to garden. Back then it was common practice for people to share the starts of their plants as plant nurseries did not exist in the area yet. Michael Gibbons never met Grace but he greatly admired her for the beauty she left us all. See this work and many more originals at Michael Gibbons’ Signature Gallery located at 140 NE Alder Street, open from Noon-4PM during First Weekend’s Saturday and Sunday. For more information please visit

Winter Surf 18×24 – Ivan Kelly

Just a block over, Ivan Kelly Studio & Gallery will be featuring “Winter Surf” as a way to cool off during these hot summer weekend. On those rare winter days when the Oregon coast is crisp and clear, it’s easy to mistake the sweeping seascape scenes for warm summer afternoons. Often a well appreciated respite from our harsh winter storms. Kelly is an awarded Signature Member of the American Society of Marine Artists since 2000. See this work as well as his other big game and maritime works in his studio this First Weekend at 207 E Graham Street from Noon-4PM both days. For more information, please visit

SCV Super Crowded Vessel, Janet Runger

On Main Street, Crow’s Nest Gallery & Studio will feature the works of more than 15 artists. Owner Janet Runger continues to inspire and amaze audiences with her fantastical found art assemblage pieces. Scenes seemingly straight out of one’s childhood memories from fairytales and nursery rhymes come to life in her sculptures. See her work in the gallery as well as the works of Veta Bakhtina, oils; Alice Haga, fused glass; Sylvia Hosie, photography; Paula Teplitz, sculptural jellyfish mobiles; Jeff Gibford, digitally manipulated photographs; Tish Epperson, watercolors; Val Bolen, ceramics; and Susan Jones, woven fiber jellyfish. Crow’s Nest Gallery & Studio is located at 305 N. Main Street in Toledo. Crow’s Nest will be open from 10AM to 5PM on Saturday and Sunday.

Tayla Stevenson Photography

Also on Main Street is the continued exhibition the selected artists for ART Toledo Phantom Gallery program. Currently featured are the works of photographer Taylor Bennett-Wiens and emerging photographer and high school student Tayla Stevenson. Stevenson’s focus on macro photography entices viewers to perceive their world a little differently. Tayla’s attention to detail to the quiet moments of dewdrops on branches and insects in habitat encourage us to take a moment and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us. “Through photography even the slightest movement of the camera can completely change the image produced. Photography shows how everyone sees the world through a different lens and in a different light.” she states. The City of Toledo launched an art revitalization initiative to promote Toledo, it’s art, industry, and history. Phantom Galleries is an ART Toledo project that promotes available commercial building spaces on Main Street by exhibiting local art. See Taylor and Tayla’s art at 355 N Main Street. See what’s new in the Phantom Galleries during First Weekend and read about currently featured artists’ work in their biographies posted next to their exhibited spaces. For more information, please visit

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