Tree Tips From Dale and Peggy

Douglas Fir Key Benefits
The Douglas Fir is the most popular Christmas tree having long soft blue-green needles and a sweet fragrance.

Excellent symmetry and density Flexible, medium weight branches make the douglas fir customer friendly for transport and set-up.

A favorite for display and decoration, branches lend themselves for use as sprays, garland and wreaths

Noble Fir Key Benefits
The preferred species for durability
Exhibits superior needle retention
Beautiful shape, symmetry and fragrance

Grand Fir Key Benefits
Beautiful, thick foliage with a strong fragrance.

Lustrous, shiny, dark green needles, 1 to 1-1/2 inches long in two distinct rows
Scotch Pine Key Benefits
Traditional European variety.
Hardy dark green foliage, subtle fragrance.
Good needle retention.
Stiff branches with needles produced in bunches of two, good for heavy ornaments and heavy decoration.

Nordmann Fir Key Benefits
A shiny deep green look.
Beautiful shape, symmetry and density.
Strong branches are great for large ornaments. Superior needle retention.
Low fragrence level.

Dale and Peggy Donovan own one of Oregon’s oldest (and nicest) Christmas tree farms, located just on the eastern edge of Corvallis. Great trees, hay rides AND free hot chocolate! It’s the place to get your tree!

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