Yucatán Cocktail Dinner at Del Alma Restaurant

Happy New Year!!! New in 2013, del Alma Restaurant will be presenting culinary explorations of different regions in Latin America. Please join us for our first adventure on Saturday, January 12th at 7pm as we feature regional cuisine from the Yucatán. This five-course dinner will have the added bonus of cocktail pairings for each course, created by Mark Rowland and Kinn Edwards. Price is $60 per person (price includes cocktails; does not include gratuity). For reservations, please call us at 541-753-2222 or email at info@delalmarestaurant.com.

Yucatán Cocktail Dinner
At del Alma Restaurant
Saturday, January 12th at 7pm
Menu created by Executive Chef Conor Claffey-Koller

First Course
Sopa de Lima con Callos de Hacha
Lime broth soup with seared scallop, roasted peppers, and tortilla crisps

Second Course
Fresh masa tortilla filled with black beans, served with turkey carnitas, roasted jalapeño salsa, chile crema, radish and pepita salad

Third Course
Mac-Cum de Pescado
Banana leaf roasted rockfish rubbed in recado

Fourth Course
Poc Chuc
Marinated roasted pork loin, guacamole, black bean broth, tortillas, pickled chipotles

Fifth Course
Tossed in cinnamon sugar, dark chocolate Grand Marnier pâté

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